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20 Minute Duck Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Happy Little Amigurumi Ideas. If you’re looking for a new idea for toys, those cute amigurumi ducks will be just perfect! They come in all colors imaginable and are just lovely! Remember to replace plastic eyes for embroidery if you want to make this a baby toy. #amigurumi #freecrochetpattern

Adorable Amigurumi Toys With Free Crochet Patterns

Beautiful and easy Crochet baby Cocoon. This project is super easy to make and oh so fun! #CrochetCocoon #SleepingBag #Crochet #CrochetPattern

How to crochet a baby play mat that is plush and cozy for tummy time. This crochet mat makes a great baby shower gift you can make in 1 hour.

Einfache Häkelanleitung für Fliegenpilze- zwei Versionen

Baby Schuhe häkeln Mehr

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