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Learn How to Crochet: crossed double crochet tutorial – Craft-Mart

Learn to Crochet: crossed double crochet tutorial – Craft-Mart #learntocrochet #crochetstitch

The honeycomb trellis stitch is a really gorgeous structured stitch that looks great with a stiff cotton or bulky yarn. Follow our written and video instructions to learn how to crochet this stitch pattern today. #crochet #tutorial #stitch

Free Crochet Stitch Tutorial for the Feather stitch. The stitch creates a substantial fabric with a lot of visual interest and loads of potential for colour play. It is a very relaxing stitch to work. It is best to use 2 or more colours, so that the stitch design is more apparent.

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I’m obsessed with texture, so when I came across the crochet loop stitch I stopped everything I was doing to swatch it up. You can only work the loop stitch on one side, so I’m working a slip stitch row in between. You *can* use a single crochet row (I think that’s what most patterns call for), but the slip stitch row is shorter in height, which makes the loop stitches denser. It was admittedly a little awkward at first, but I was able to get the hang of it by the end of a single swatch.

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